Aims and Scope

This peer-reviewed journal provides a forum for publishing a wide range of manuscripts, including Research, Reviews, Case Studies, Perspectives, Registered Reports, Comments, and Brief Communications, from across the full range of disciplines related to resource recovery. All these types of contributions should highlight the development of sustainable technologies focusing on recovery of value-added materials and chemicals from waste resources. Moreover, all submissions must show a distinctive link with resource recovery technologies and applications. Subject areas include, but are not limited to:


  • Resource recovery from liquid waste, including:

Industrial wastewater

Seawater and deep seawater mining

Brine mining

Produced water

Urine refinery

Geothermal wastewater recovery

Pharmaceutical and biotechnology wastewater

Agro-food wastewater

Precious metal recovery from wastewater

Hydrocarbon recovery


  • Resource recovery from solid waste, including:

Waste electronic devices




Mineral and coal

Polymeric materials

Composite materials


Municipal, biological and medical waste


  • Resource recovery from gaseous waste, including:

Greenhouse gases capture, recovery and conversion

CO2 and CO capture and conversion

Air mining

Atmospheric water production

Direct air capture

Industrial gaseous waste

Biogas refinery

Pre- and post-combustion capture and recovery

Chemical-looping combustion



  • Energy recovery:

Fuel cell technology


Bioenergy and biofuels

Renewable energy from resource recovery

Blue energy

Hydrogen energy

Recovery of waste thermal and cooling energy

Organic, inorganic and biowaste conversion to energy


  • Innovative technologies, processes, and tools to enhance the resource recovery
  • Life cycle assessment and management of resources and products (Emphasis is on pollution reduction, resource conservation, and improving resource efficiency and productivity)
  • Substitution of primary resources by renewable or regenerative alternatives
  • Sustainable and green technologies for resource recovery
  • Multicriteria assessment of resource recovery technologies
  • Stakeholder role in future of resource recovery
  • Environmental impact and risk assessment of resource recovery technologies
  • Case studies and modeling of resource recovery technologies
  • Recovery of hazardous and radioactive resources
  • Management and strategies for nonrecoverable resources
  • Strategies for facilitation of resource recovery
  • Economic analysis of resource recovery
  • Advanced biology and biotechnology techniques for resource recovery