Journal policy about using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and AI-supported tools in writing manuscripts!

"Hello, I am ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence language model developed by OpenAI. I am here to assist you with any questions you have or provide information on various topics. Please feel free to ask me anything, and I will do my best to help."

This was the answer from ChatGPT when it was asked to introduce itself!

Recently, the employment of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and AI-supported tools in academic conversations has gained attention, particularly concerning ChatGPT. Introduced in November 2022, this chatbot is capable of generating comprehensive replies in various fields of expertise, generating content that is hardly distinguishable from human-written text.

Therefore, in response to the widespread application of AI-based tools by authors of scientific papers, we would like to make the JRR policy clear in this regard. Please find them as follows:

- The authors are always and ultimately responsible for the presented information and data, as well as the whole content of their manuscript in general.

- It is highly recommended that these AI-supported tools only be used to improve the language and the overall presentation of the work, in particular for non-native authors.

- The AI-support tools must not be completely replaced by researchers and authors in the draft preparation step, as AI can generate incorrect and biased information and output.

- The AI-based tool cannot take on the authorship role in a manuscript. Thus, it is not permitted to add the AI tool to the authorship list as an author or co-author.

- If you use AI-based tools, you should review and double-check the generated text, information, etc., very carefully to be sure about its correctness and ethical issues.

- It is highly recommended that you disclose the use of AI tools in your writing in the Cover Letter.

These policies may be updated, if any!

Should you have any questions or concerns in this regard, please do not hesitate to contact the editorial office via "[email protected]" or the co-Editors-in-Chief!